Thursday, June 11, 2009

Karin the Movie Librar'n Channels Joan Crawford


Our own Karin the Movie Librar'n who knows more about movie star tell alls than there are stars in the sky, recently emerged from the library here at Movie Queen Manor with a stack of her latest gushy, maudlin over the top movie star tomes! And not a moment too soon as myself, David and Arlando were nearly at the end of our latest stack of purple prose. In amongst the recommended gems that Karin has unearthed comes yet another shout out for one of our all time faves: "My Way of Life," by Joan Crawford. In this unintentionally hilarious literary camp classic, Mommie Dearest herself confides in readers the proper way to pack a suitcase, attend to her figure, please her man, and most importantly how to give a dinner party. We received a delightful surprise from our dear Karin (aka Susan Messing) - she was so "inspired" by what she read that she performs a bit of the Crawford book for us. As Joan would say, "God bless you!"

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Sweet Cinematic Dreams,

Ricky and David


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Love Karin the Librarian

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