Friday, May 29, 2009

New Movie Queens Segment! Plastic Surgery Movies


Everyone have a nice winter? Good - how nice for Eve, how nice for everyone. As you may have noticed, we have been on sabbatical, going, as our film critic goddess Pauline Kael once titled one of her review collections, "Deeper Into Movies." David has yet to return from whatever film festival or Facebook symposium he has been attending though I am happy to report that a slew of other Movie Queens have been stopping by Movie Queen Manor as of late and you will be meeting some of them soon. One nice byproduct of our leave taking has been finding the time to actually edit up some new Movie Queens segments. Here's one we've been dying to share with you. It focuses on our thoughts on plastic surgery - how it's literally altering the face of Hollywood - and on our favorite plastic surgery themed movies. More segments and posts to come in a more timely fashion - we hope.

To that end, we've also created our own channel at YouTube which has many of your favorite segments collected in one spot:

Until next time.

Sweet Cinematic Dreams,