Monday, October 6, 2008

The Mother of Tears/Giallo Movies - Podcast #6


Fall is finally in the air and the Halloween season has officially kicked off with the release on DVD of The Mother of Tears, Dario Argento's conclusion to his "three mothers" witches trilogy. Argento, the acknowledged father of the "giallo" film (an Italian term for gory horror movies though David explains this much more completely in the podcast) made his name with the 1977 classic of the horror genre Suspiria. I really dug the over the top Mother of Tears when it hit the theatres last summer (see my insightful review HERE) and in this next little podcast David and I discuss the movie, the giallo genre, Suspiria, David's favorite giallo The Driver's Seat (which stars none other than Elizabeth Taylor) and much else. We also talked about The Driver's Seat during our discussion of camp films which you can see in one of our YouTube Segments. Click HERE to see that (and yes it's possible for a film to be giallo and camp - more than possible in fact.)

Get set for one of our rambling though never less than fascinating film packed discussions. We'll be back shortly (we always promise that I know but we're just too busy to blog every ten seconds). Halloween film recommendations coming, more podcasts, ad naseum.

Until then...make room for G-I-A-L-L-O with our latest PODCAST recorded just for your listening pleasure.

Sweet Cinematic Dreams,

Ricky & David