Thursday, January 8, 2009

As Always, We're the Last to Notice a New Year Has Started


We really don't mean to be the last ones to wish you a Happy New Year but we also know that if you're reading this it means you're a film person and understand that the end of the year means there's an overwhelming amount of not just regular movies but GOOD movies to watch. And that's when all the For Your Consideration screeners start getting delivered as well. Everyday here at Movie Queen Manor, literally, from the end of Thanksgiving until the end of the year, it seemed that Arlando was bringing in another FedEx or DHL delivery to the screening room. Not that we're complaining, not for a second. But it has kept us from blogging (not our favorite thing to begin with) or doing anything more than, well, watching movies.

Getting snowed under with a buttload of great movies also kept us from posting our holiday movie podcast and now it seems a tad, um, late, right? So, maybe next year. In the meantime, we have finally noticed that the new year is here which means that David is off attending film festivals in far off lands while Ricky is at Movie Queen Manor (as always) watching...more movies and attending to the 10,000 details that keep the Movie Queens running smoothly. A lot of exciting things happening behind closed doors at the Manor with details forthcoming soon. In the meantime, why not read about Ricky's Top Ten GLBT Films of 2008 and then immediately go see the ones you've missed as soon as you're finished?

Until next time.

Sweet Cinematic Dreams,

Ricky and David
the Movie Queens