Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Milk Interviews


I know it's been ages since David and I have posted but we warned you that this wasn't going to be an every day kinda thing and as you've seen, sometimes not even an every month kinda thing. We're just up to our ears in movies, movies, movies. This is the time of year that tons of great stuff finally, finally hits theatres or arrives in the form of a screener by Fed Ex and so instead of writing here, we're watching Up There.

But I've felt a little guilty about not blogging and since I had the pleasure of talking with everybody from Milk (with the vivid exception of Mr. Penn), I thought I throw up this little post with a shout out to all the interviews - they're posted at my site, for your reading enjoyment.

David and I actually do have another podcast coming soon in which we discuss one of our favorite holiday movies so check back in soon -- and we promise to do so as well. Until then,

Sweet Cinematic Dreams,