Saturday, August 2, 2008

Film Finds - Podcast #4


David eagerly shares with Ricky his latest movie find, a gay in all but name forgotten gem called The Flaming Urge. Meanwhile, Ricky is still pixilated by his recent chat with Debra Winger and what he thinks is one of her best films, the little seen Mike's Murder which is shot through with gay characters and situations. Both D&R opine enthuastically in this podcast, expound on a few of their other hard to find favorites (like David's other recent obscure fave, The Driver's Seat for example) and wrap with some chat about Debra Winger's offbeat career. David's selection, luckily, is available on DVD, Ricky's, not yet -though a vhs is out there to be had for the discerning cinematic treasure hunter.

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