Saturday, July 12, 2008

Coming Soon - The Dark Knight-Mamma Mia!


Two of this summer's queerest movies (and I mean "queer" as in "mega gay") are almost here and I've seen both of them - The Dark Knight and Mamma Mia! this week. I'm dying to tell you what I thought but instead I'm going to be a nice little film critic and respect the studio embargos and withhold my reviews until next week. But I will say this - these two are chock full of gay subtext (the latter actually quite overt) and are going to make a lot of hearts beat a lot faster. Christian shirtless! Heath acting! Meryl singing! That cute guy from The History Boys shirtless in MM! (in virtually every scene). Gay audiences should just get in line right now and if you really want to experience The Dark Knight in all its explosive glory, get thee to an I-Max. You can read all about it next week at my Knight at the Movies site and David and I might talk about these in an upcoming podcast as well. Until then...

Sweet Cinematic Dreams,


Anonymous said...

I get to see Dark Knight tonight. I. can't. wait. Can't wait for the review!

free movies said...

I have seen Dark Knight so many times. I enjoyed the movie a lot. The plot was interesting that made stick on the chair until the end.