Monday, June 16, 2008

Movie Queens Blog Now Online!

We're here! We're queer! And we're talking movies from a queer perspective!

What can you expect to find at this blog?

Scintillating, insightful commentary about movies, new and old, always from a queer perspective. The first peek at our minisodes with topics ranging from camp films to chick flicks (and much more), recommendations and musings from our regular visitors to Movie Queen Manor (Arlando, Joan Crawford #77, Karin the Movie Librar'n, the Grim Viewer, Sister Cinematica, Carol Drive Ann, et al). You'll also find occasional posts about whatever happens to strike our creative fancy.

What you won't find here:

Anything along the line of, "I brushed my teeth today and noticed that I am out of toothpaste so I showered, dressed, fed Big Debbie and Zoe, had a light breakfast (I had toast which I burned - darn!) and then got into my car (note to self: have radiator checked before the intense heat of summer is really here!), and then drove to Target to get some replacement toothpaste. While I was shopping for the toothpaste (I use Sensodyne because my teeth are just sooo sensitive to hot and cold drinks, especially icy Dr. Pepper) I noticed that they were having a sale on bath towels. Well I have been needing some new bath towels ever since that night..."

Bla bla bla

That personal junk bores us to tears. The only reason we wanted to start a blog was to create an interactive place between ourselves and our fellow Movie Queens. Feel free to join in the discussion and get set for some terrific movie recommendations.

Sweet Cinema Dreams,

Ricky and David
the Movie Queens

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